Embassies and consulates have recently been targeted for violent attacks and need a higher level of security in order to operate safely and effectively. Within the United States, Security USA™ works closely with embassy or consulate personnel to develop site-specific operational plans to address the particular risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and general operations of an embassy or consulate. We also serve as liaison with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies.

An advanced security plan designed for at-risk facilities requires the integration of human and technological resources. Security USA™ provides the latest technology in surveillance, weapon detection, X-ray systems, metal detectors and physical inspections. Security USA™ agents are licensed and highly skilled in the use of this equipment. They are rigorously tested in site-specific scenario training conducted in cooperation with local police departments. Our technology is complimented by 24/7 monitoring, equipped with the most advanced technology and staffed with highly experienced personnel. Our agents are monitored by advanced-imaging IP cameras to optimize accountability and reliability.